This is the Emerald Computers tools page for downloading tools that you will need for Ethereum mining.

This tools page is designed to be used with our guide to mine Ethereum Quickly.  Please read that if you have any questions.

Claymore 9.4 (For all cards, dual miner)

Ethminer (For AMD Radeon Cards)

Ethminer (For nVidia Cards) (Remember nVidia cards are much slower than AMD Cards)

You can get Ethminer from the official site HERE.  I have added two things to my copy that you may like.  First I have many custom batch files that have some of the hard to find and best settings in them.  Second, my miners already have all the needed DLL files that will allow your miner to run the best version of the DLL even if you have the updated drivers on your computer, allowing faster mining.

eth-proxy –A program that allows you to mine faster by having one computer get work faster from the pools and serve it locally to your computers, usually results in a 10%+ increase in mining output.  If you use this then open the .conf file in notepad and edit it with your address.  Your server name for the other miners will be the name of the computer running the proxy.

never10  –A simple program to stop your computer from upgrading to windows 10.  Windows 10 mines slower for most people.

GPUz — A tool to get information about your video card.

If this helped you out, please consider a small donation to my Ethereum Address 0x923BeB0Fa6F92c7Ccaf45E718FBF758FFCF94635