Emerald Computers partners with many groups, we are sponsors of various events, teams, and organizations.  These groups often like to use our logo or advertisements in their literature, advertisements and websites.

This page will be a place for us to upload official logos for the use of our partners, and distributors.

Logo Usage:

We ask that you make our logo look as good as it can when you use it.  Please do not stretch or scale our logo so that it does not look like the ones on this page.  If you can use one of the images on this page that would be good, if not you can use one of the files on this page where it specifies the logo in a vector basis. We ask that if you do not use a vector based logo that you choose the highest resolution that you can for your use.  Our logo is made with text.  The word computers is used with the Bank Gothic font, while the word computers is with the Walt Disney font.  Please have these files on your computer before you edit vector based logos.  Sometimes we use a slogan below our logo, this is in the Boost Light font.

Emerald Computers:


Our complex logo in wide format

Our complex logo in business card shape

Half Page Emerald Postcard

Half Page Arizona Computer Recycling Postcard


These last two put together in a full page ad.

Half Page Arizona Computer Recycling Postcard with White Background


One page card, in 8.5×11 format

Business Summary flyer









One page card in 4×6 format

Business Summary










Map to our store.

7642 Map










Full Color Logo (Get Photoshop PSD HERE)  From this PSD you can make these images.Full Color LogoColor Logo no BGColor Logo with tagline transparent BGColor Logo transparent BG








All of the following logos have had the word Emerald made larger and Computers squished a bit.

Black logo on transparent (PSD)

Black on Transparent




White on Transparent (PSD)  This will be hard to see, Just click below, it is there.

White on Transparent




Muted Green on Transparent (PSD)

Muted Green on Transparent




Emerald Green on Transparent (PSD)

Emerald Green on Transparent





Christmas Flyer

Full Page Christmas










Arizona Computer Recycling:

electronic tree full front

electronic tree full back


Gift Car

$25 Card Back - VOID$25 Coupon - Void