Laptop Repair

As more and more people convert to laptops as their main computer they are finding a whole new set of computer problems. We are very good at repairing laptops, even ones that have been thought to be beyond repair.

In most cases a laptop repair will cost over $100, for this reason we do not usually fix laptops that will have a value of under $100 when it is done being fixed. This usually means that if your laptop is more than 4 years old it will likely cost you more to repair your laptop than replace it with a better one, even a used one. We would still be happy to help you salvage your data from your old laptop and move it to any newer laptop you get.

If you need to get going right away we keep a large array of used laptops that we can let you use as a loaner or you can trade in your broken one and get a used one with very little difference in price. Of course we also have new laptops if you are ready for an upgrade.

One of the main things that goes wrong with a laptop is the power plug. Most laptops have a very bad design of a small plastic box attached to a circuit board by just a few thin wires; they are about the same size as a staple. Over time these metal parts break, other times the power plug gets twisted and the plastic box cracks. Once this happens you start to have connection problems with the power plug and soon it stops working.

We CAN fix this. Most companies tell you that you need to buy a new power supply section or a whole new motherboard. We have the ability to rebuild this box, reconnect the metal pins and we do it as strong as, or stronger than when it was new. After we do this we also reinforce the area with a plastic/rubber structure that holds it all together so the chance of it happening again is greatly reduced.

If your laptop is under warranty you can probably get this fixed for free by calling the maker of your laptop. We are here if your computer is out of warranty.

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