Emerald Computers is looking for a few great people to join our family business. We have a unique business model.  We recycle computer hardware, we acquire this computer hardware from many sources, then we get the best items ready to sell and then sell them in our store and online.  We also build new and custom systems. We love people with passion for computers, people who are fun, and who fit with our corporate culture.  We are customer focused, and we care about quality and the details of our business.partner

We are open from 10 to 6 M-W and 10 to 7 on Thursday and Friday, and 11-4 on Saturday.  We work out of our building in Peoria at 7642 W Vogel Ave.

We currently are looking to grow the capacity of our business by hiring a few of new people.  We also will be expanding with a second location once we have enough trained people.  We believe in paying people for being part of our family, and not counting hours, because often we have more fun than work.  Because of this all positions come with a base salary with a commission, bonus, and piecework payment structure.  With such a system you can make a ton of money if you work hard and stay focused, but also can choose to relax and be flexible with your work, no two days are ever the same.  This is part of our corporate culture, most people love it while some others just don’t get it.

Current Job openings.

Internet Sales:

We have a ton of stuff in our warehouse, and in our store that need to be sold online.  We are looking for someone to post these items on places like eBay and Amazon.  When the items sell they will be shipped out daily.   This job would be M-F and would full time.


Business HandshakeBusiness to Business sales:

This is a person who will build relationships with local businesses, governments, schools and much more so that they will buy our computers and services when they have an IT need. For a knowledgeable sales expert this position will be very lucrative. This position if for a sales professional with B2B sales experience.

We offer financing for our clients so we are able to overcome the money objection.  We are members of many different business groups and can provide you with 1000’s of local leads.
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

• Outside sales to include phone and onsite prospecting, business groups, networking groups and communication with existing clients.
• Conducting initial consultations with prospects to determine the scope of work and creating and delivering an estimate to the client.
• Conduct initial computer network consultations at the prospects business to determine the scope of work and present our services and rates.
• Follow up with all estimated and quoted work to close the sale and schedule any initial layout meetings
• Meeting with clients regularly.


In house sales and tech.

This is our all-around store position, this is our main public facing position.  You would greet clients who come into our store, help them with their computer buying choices or service needs.  You also will help get computers ready to be sold, and repair computers that clients bring in.  You also will work to drive foot traffic to our store.  You will also be assisting in many other things.  This will be the position that will be going to the new store when we open it, this also is the position that requires the most tech knowledge and passion.

Recycling Manager.

One of the key parts of our business is recycling.  This person will interact with businesses that want to recycle electronic items.  They will often pick up these items, foster relationships with organizations that recycle computer, and help sort and process incoming recycled material.

What next….

If you are interested the next step would be to set up an interview with our owner, Jason.  We are looking for clean, self-motivated, organized, honest people with passion for technology and commitment to customer service.  We are looking for people to join us for the long haul, and who can grow with us.  We also look for people who are close to us.  We have never had good luck with people who live too far away.

Emerald Computers is always taking applications for qualified employees who fit into our business model. If you would like to apply please send your resume in an email to dragon@emeraldcomputers.com. Please mention in the subject of the email what type of job you are looking for.