Our best deal on business services. No monthly fees, just lots of value.

The Emerald Perks Package is your way to get all of your tech worries resolved with one easy, turnkey solution. When you buy a tech package from Emerald Computers we want to bring to massive value, so you get a ton of free extras in every package. When you buy a package you will select a number of Gems. These gems can be exchanged for any services that we offer.

Here is just a small list of some of the services that we offer:

  • Laptop, Desktop, Support and Management at the customers location or ours
  • Evaluation of current hardware and planning your next 5 years of IT hardware
  • IT and Business strategy consulting including setting your business up to be more efficient.
  • Social Media, SEO and online marketing
  • Monthly or on demand remote check-up of all computers on your network
  • Install and setup of new hardware
  • Hardware and Software Purchases
  • Computer and Software Upgrades
  • Antivirus / Antimalware Management and Clean Up
  • Automatic Windows / Mac Updates
  • Custom Software Upgrades
  • QuickBooks Support
  • Cloud Management – Setup and Support (Office365, G Suite, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud)
  • WiFi Setup and Management
  • Backup Management
  • Support and management of communication systems; email, phone systems, internal employee chat systems
  • Server Management (QuickBooks, timesheets, shared drives) – Onsite or Hosted in a data center
  • Office network cable installation
  • Asset Inventory and License Management
  • New office installations and office moves
  • Printer and scanner support
  • Physical security – Badge access and camera systems

When you buy any of our 25 or more Gem packages you are an instant VIP at our company. It shows the level of commitment you have towards your business success, and the security of your business.

So what can you do with gems?

Here is a quick overview of some examples of our services your gem package will give you access to.

Everything will be sold using a point system, the points are called gems.  If someone sets their account up for autorenewal they will receive a 5% discount, they will also lock in their price for the points for the next three year.  Here is how the gems will be consumed.

  • 30 Minutes Remote or Phone support = 1 gem (Support under 30 min is still 1 point)
  • 1 Hour of Service at our store = 2 gems
  • All onsite jobs will have a trip charge. Within 20 miles of Emerald Location = 1 gem, 20 to 50 miles = 2 gems, beyond that = 3 gems.  Only 1 trip charge will be charged per day.
  • 1 Hour planned onsite service = 3 gems for the first hour, 1 gem for each additional 20 minutes.
  • 1 Hour emergency onsite service = 4 Gems for the first hour, 1 gem for each additional 15 minutes.
  • All services, planned or unplanned, between 8pm and 9am or on weekends or holidays will be an extra gem per hour. In store services are 1 extra gem per hour starting 30 min after closing.
  • A 1 gem discount per hour will be given for the 2nd and 3rd tech if multiple techs are dispatched to an onsite job. For example 3 hours with 2 techs of scheduled onsite service 10 miles away would be 1 gem for the trip charge, 9 Gems for the main tech and 6 Gems for the second tech for a total of 16 Gems.

We will also do many repairs in our stores with a flat gem rate, this is because when you get work done in our store we will multitask and it is not always fair to ask for an hourly rate. All services not listed below will usually be charged by the hour. You will always pay the LOWER of the gems below or the hourly rate.

Each of the following services can be done at our store for just 1 Gem each.

  • Diagnostic of a Computer.
  • Install of up to 2 pieces of simple hardware in a computer, SSD, GPU, RAM or PCI-E Card, FAN
  • Install of one complex hardware piece, such as motherboard or PSU.
  • Back up of up to 10GB of data from one drive to another.
  • Simple tune-up of a computer, including dust removal and cleaning start up items
  • Install of software, up to 30 minutes worth.

Each of the following services can be done at our store for just 2 Gems each.

  1. Install of Operating System
  2. Build of non-gaming system, any system without RGB setup or water cooling.
  3. Install of hardware into a laptop or all in one that needs complex disassembly.
  4. Back up of more than 10GB of data up to 100GB
  5. Advanced tune-up, including virus removal, deep cleaning or complex issues

Each of the following services can be done at our store for just 3 Gems each.

  • Build of gaming computer, with water cooling, RGB and/or advanced cable management.
  • Back up of more than 100GB of data up to 1TB.
  • Attempting to recover data from defective drives.

So now that we know what gems can be used for how much do they cost.  These are the current prices for buying groups of points.  These prices will go up over time.

You can buy points by themselves for the following prices.

  • 1 Gem for $65
  • 2 Gems for $110
  • 5 Gems for $245
  • 10 Gems for $445

These 4 small packages don’t give you VIP access, the packages below all do!

Our larger gem packages come with our Emerald Gem Perks.  Here are the perks you will receive if you buy, or already have one of these gem packages.

  • 10% off any hardware you buy within 6 months of buying your package or last top up.  (Unlimited savings!)
  • VIP access to our tech tip videos and newsletter.  (A $500 Value)
  • Direct phone numbers of our head techs, not having to use the IVR system.  
  • An extra 6 months of warranty on all computers you buy from us. (Worth $65 per computer you buy)
  • Auto top up of your package when it hits 5 points, locked in at the same price per gem for as long as you never run out. You can cancel the top up at any time and keep the same price as long as you top up before running out of points. To make your budget easier we also can do monthly top-ups that will just replenish the points used the prior month at the same price per gem.
  • The ability to give us a list of authorized users of your points so your family and employees can use it with ease.
  • The ability to gift gems from your account to other people.
  • Access to our exclusive group just for VIP customers.
  • Access to our zoom meetings to bring your business to the next level with technology, marketing, and business practices, with special mentors brought in each month.

These are the packages that include the Gem Perks.  Each level includes all the perks above it also!

  • 25 Gems for Only $1,295 (A $3,500+ Value) …. Includes all benefits of the Emerald Gem Perks
  • 50 Gems for $1,995 (A $6,500+ Value) …. Also includes having the owner of Emerald Computers come for your onboarding session, includes the option of adding your business to our local business guide, which is read by thousands of people per month.
  • 100 Gems for $3,650 (A $12,500+ Value}(Our Most Popular) ….  Also includes a free 1-time marketing and SEO overview of your company, 3 free videos produced for your company.  Front of the line VIP treatment at all of our stores.
  • 250 Gems for $8,500 (A $25,000+ Value) …. Also includes direct phone number and VIP service from the owner and access to our in-person business mastermind group.  Invitations to all of our events and seminars.
  • 500 Gems for $15,500 (A $50,000+ Value){Suggested for businesses with 20 or more computers)  .. Also Includes all the bonuses from the Emerald Gem Perks for life!

Our gem system is also loved by your accountant, it is easy to buy, and there are no bills for service calls. No more having to rush after a service call to get a check written and signed. It also is great for your whole team, anyone you authorize can use the gems, making it easy to get all your tech problems fixed fast and keep your business running at top efficiency. No more having to bother the owner with tech problems, they simply call us and we fix it. After each fix a report will be sent that will include the number of gems used and the current amount left.

What to expect during your business onboarding.  We will start by tuning up all of your computers, installing remote access software so we can help you remotely and work on your computers on a regular basis if you choose that.  We will take an inventory of all of your computer hardware, including specs and installed software.  The onboarding usually we have two people and we can usually do a small office in 3 hours.  We will also establish file shares, printer shares, update your software and start a backup process. 

Talk to your Emerald Rep today to discuss which package is best for your business.