Web Development

For over 15 years now we have been creating websites here at Emerald Computers. Our philosophy for building websites is very different than most people who build websites. We build websites for businesses, and we feel that a substance is more important than flashy style.  We still take great care to make sure your site works perfect on many different computers, and looks great, is easy to read and has great compelling text.

We also do something that most companies don’t, we build a back end site for your page so that you can go online from anywhere and edit your page with ease.  No more calling and waiting to make a simple change to your site.  This opens up the ability to change your site very often and keep it fresh.

We treat a website like an employee of your company, and the first thing we do is help you write a job description for it, what is the goal of your website, is it to take orders, inform customers of your products and service or simply to show your wares to new customers. Once we know the job description we then build the perfect website to do the job. We take into consideration your budget, your style, your market, and many other things.
You will find that you will have a much more successful website doing it this way. It will be something that works hard for you 24/7. You will also be surprised at our price, our prices are very low for the services that we offer.A web site is a lot like a very large business card, you want it to be easy to read, professional and tell about your business. But just like a business card it does very little good if no one sees it. If you just keep your cards in your drawer they are worthless, and if people can’t find your website it is not much better. We help you get started by linking to your site from some of our highly rated other sites, we also go to over 100 different sites to promote your site. We make sure you are easy to find.

Emerald Website Package – When you need a new website this is the package for you.  This includes our ultra Flexible web 2.0 software.  Our packages are limited only by your imagination, you get unlimited pages, unlimited changes, with 1000’s of themes and plugins.  You receive hosting, and if you don’t have a good existing domain then we will consult with you and buy two for you.   With our software you can easily embed videos, surveys, your blog, forms, payment systems and much more.  All the activity on your site will be easy to see through high quality traffic measuring.  We will create the framework for your site and then put in all the content that you provide us, we will organize it and then optimize it for search engines and for web standards.  We then will show you how you can easily make changes to your site.  If you ever want help we will be there for you.  We do all of this for only $1250 for the first year and just $250 per year after that for maintenance and hosting.

Business Promotion Package – For those who buy a site from us and for those who have an existing website we will promote and list your business on many different sites if you buy this package.  What good does a website do for you if no one can find it.  We will list your business on some of the most popular sites, many of which are hard to get listed on.  This will make your company look more professional, and lead new people and traffic to you.  This package is only $295 if we built your site or $495 if we didn’t.  This package works much better with our software but we can do it without that.

Cart-Add-On – If you sell online and require a cart we can add a cart to our software for you.  Our cart will help your items fly off your shelves.  We can organize it how ever you want, and there is no limit to the items that you can have.  It will be fully integrated with the payment processing company of your choice.  The first 100 items will be added for free, and we charge only $2 for each item after that.  We do all of this for only $750.  You must have our website package to buy this.  If you add over 1000 items we will give a discount.

Content Creation – Many people find it hard to create the content that the need for a good website.  We will send someone to your business, take photos, create videos and interview employees to create content for your site.  This is usually 8 to 20 hours of work and for this we charge just $325.



Here is a short list of some sites we recently have built.

If you would like a site like this for your company or group, please call us today at 623-240-2424.