Computer Fundraiser

Are you a leader in an organization that needs to raise funds?  Have you tried it all, everything candy bars, to tickets to car washes, and nothing seems to make enough money for the time you put into it?  Well we have a solution for you.  We have taken the concept that many restaurants use, where you invite people to their restaurant, and they give you a cut of the profits, but we have expanded it to something that makes a lot more money for your group, with less work!

Computer Fundraiser Pack 229We are Emerald Computers, we sell quality computer systems and laptops, we also do computer repair.  Your group simply sends your contacts to get our quality products, and your group makes money.  Because the purchase price is much larger than a restaurant you get much larger returns.  Because our prices are so low it is easy for people to buy from us.

It is simple to do:

  1.  Decide on a time frame you would like to operate the fundraiser, we suggest 2 weeks to a month.
  2. We provide you with personalized flyers, you hand them out, email them out, post them online, get people interested.
  3. Your contacts come in and get great deals on computers.  They show or mention the flyer.
  4. We send you a list of the amounts that were sold along with a check for your donation.  


We offer 6 month easy credit with no interest, and we take all credit cards to make it easy for people to buy.  The average purchase is over $350, and we give your group a donation of 10% of the spent amount.  At any given time 10% of the population is looking for a computer.  So lets say you have a group of 10 people who each have a reach of 100 people they can share a flyer with, that is $1000.  If 10% of them buy then that should net your group a donation of about $3,500.  Imagine if what you could make if you have a larger group, with an even larger reach.  If you started a 2 week fundraiser next week then your group could have the funds in three weeks.

Generally we want community organizations that help people out.  Of course this can be any non profit group, or it can be a community group such as a church, scouting, PTA or even your bowling league.  As long as the money will be used to help we are for it.  It does not need to a 501c organization because we can still deduct it as a marketing expense.

So, if you want an easy fundraiser, that you can do with ease, consider a computer fundraiser.  Fill out this form and we will be in touch.  At this time we are only operating fundraisers in the Phoenix Metro Area.