Emerald Computers is very open to barter.  If you would like to make a barter offer please call Jason directly at 602-579-4919.  Currently we are looking for many things including firearms, gold and silver, a motorcycle and other items.

In addition to doing such direct barter we are also are a member of a  barter group.  With this barter group we do 100% barter for our services.  Webdesign is 65% barter.  We charge the same price to barter clients as we do to cash clients so for some items we can not sell on full barter, we can only do a portion in barter.  We do 50% barter for camera systems, we do 1/3rd barter for used computer hardware and 1/4th barter for new computer hardware.  Combined with our low prices this can save a large amount of money.  The barter group we are apart of is TradeSource.

For on site labor jobs there is a $25 trip charge to cover fuel and such, and this part can not be paid in barter, and must be paid for each visit you ask us to make, this fee is $35 if you are more than 25 miles from our store, this fee can always be avoided by bringing your computer to us, and we can fix most problems while you wait.

For members of these trade groups we will take care of you as fast as we can but cash customers will be taken care of first in some cases where our time is overbooked.   This usually is not a problem.