Computer Repair and Service

repair my computerIf you have a computer repair problem, we are the place to bring it to get it repaired right, done quickly and done for a fair price.  We repair 1000’s of computers each year.  We have the most 5 star reviews here, here and here of any locally owned computer store in the valley.  Bring your computer, PC, Mac or Laptop into our store, we will look at it, and for many minor problems we usually can fix it while you wait.  For major problems we will check it in a fix it in just a day or two.

We are different because we stock a large amount of parts, including replacement computers. This means that if your computer repair job is hardware in nature that we can fix it faster and cheaper than most other places.

Give us a call or stop by one of our stores and see what Emerald Computers can do for you.  We are located in Peoria Arizona and in Sun City, we are close to Glendale, Phoenix, and Surprise. Bring your computer in today.

Computer Repair at discount prices.

Most computer repair work that we perform is done in-house. Below is a list of our rates.

computer repair rates

Business Services


Most businesses need much more work than fixing one computer system and each business has its own special needs when it comes to computers, software and networking. We also understand that time is money and that is why we work to make that time as efficient as possible.

For onsite labor we currently charge a $35 trip charge for people under 20 miles away, and $50 for those over 20 and under 40 miles away.  Over 40 miles we will do it on a case by case basis.  Onsite time is billed at $95 per hour.  Before we dispatch a tech you must pay for at least 1 hour and the trip charge.  For emergency service we charge 1.5 times as much.  For large jobs we may bring additional techs, there will not be an additional trip charge, and we only charge $75 per hour for the additional techs.

Labor Packages

For most people buying a Labor Package is the best move, it will save you money and it makes it easier for everyone by reducing accounting, invoicing, and things like that. These are discounted labor credits that can used to do anything that needs to be done in your company from repair, networking, consulting to web design. The credits never expire, and you can use them to lock in today’s labor prices before they go up. When labor is performed we simply deduct it from your prepaid account. There is no billing needed, your people simply use up the credits. After each job we will send you your new balance. When you get down to less than 5 credits we will let you know that it is time to buy more.

Here is how the credits are consumed.

  • Trip charge = 1 Credit
  • Up to 1 Hour of scheduled onsite work = 2 credits per tech, each additional 30 min = 1 Credit
  • Up to 1 Hour of emergency work (Same day) = 3 credits per tech, each addition 20 min = 1 Credit
  • 40 Minutes of tech work done in one of our stores = 1 Credit
  • Work done after 9pm or before 9am or on sunday or major holidays is 1 additional credit per hour per tech.
  • Remote work over the internet, per 40 min = 1 Credit
  • Tech consulting over the phone, per 40 min = 1 Credit
  • Web Development, SEO Services, E-Commerce, Business listing maintenance, 2 credits for first hour and 1 credit per hour after that.

Here are the package prices:

  • 30 credits for $1,295.  ($43.16 per credit)
  • 50 credits for $1,995.  (MOST POPULAR) ($39.90 per credit)
  • 100 credits for $3,595 ($35.95 per credit)
  • 200 credits for $6,495. ($32.47 per credit)
  • 500 credits for $14,975 (BEST DEAL for larger companies)($29.95 per credit)
Package Size

To learn more about labor packages or to purchase one, call us at 602-579-4919.  If you already have a labor package you want to add credits to, or if you are sure you want to go ahead with buying a new package simply use the paypal link above.