Return Policy

All returns and refunds are for store credit only on all Computer systems or items that you have opened.  No returns at all after 30 days.  There is no refund at all for labor or service, though we will do the service again for free if it was not performed to our standards. 

If you are returning an item that has damage we will deduct the repair cost from the amount refunded. If you want to return something after 30 days it will not be considered a return, but a sale back, and we will buy it at a price we think is fair. You are under no obligation to take our offer.

Repair Policy

By dropping off your computer at our store for repair you are agreeing to the repair policy.

Our current labor rate is $75 per hour but we may offer discounts for specific tasks. For non-warranty work a minimum bench fee of $35 will be charged to all customers seeking service.  If labor charges are expected to exceed $250 for any job we will call the customer to make sure they wish to have the work done before proceeding with the work.  If this contact is not made the customer agrees that we may charge up to $250 for labor but not more. Parts are extra. Data recovery and restoration does not include applications, it only includes the client’s files.  We are NOT responsible for lost data or applications even if you ask us to save it. If you want us to try to save your data you must notify us, this service will cost extra.

Warranty Work: A computer that is under warranty and has a hardware problem will be fixed to a functional status free of charge.  If the computer is under warranty and the issue is software based there will be a fee to repair/restore the computer.  Please see the warranty terms on your original invoice if you are unsure if your system is under warranty.  We will determine if a computer is functional. Warranty will be void if there is damage that exceeds normal use.

The owner of the system has 30 days from the completion date to pay for and retrieve their system, after 30 days it becomes the property of Emerald Computers and we will dispose of it as we see fit.  Customers can not pick up their hardware without full payment.  To have your computer shipped or delivered when done please make such arrangements. 

Shipping and Delivery Policy

By default all items are to be picked up at our location. We do not provide packing materials or packing assistance. If you make arrangements with us to get something shipped that is a separate agreement that is specific for that order.