Emerald Computers is an Arizona owned and operated computer company. We specialize in building high quality computer systems for our customers. The majority of our customers are businesses while we do have a large number of individuals that also buy from us.

We believe in gaining customers for life. We are not merely looking to be your technology provider, we are looking to be your technology partner. We will tell you when it is the right time to buy something. We will create a technology plan so that it will grow as you grow with out having to buy everything up front. Bottom line, we are focused on making the customer happy, delivering the right solution for them on time and under budget.

The General Manager of Emerald Computers is Jason Dragon. Jason is also the founder of Emerald Computers, founding it back in October of 1998. Jason started in the computer industry back in 1993, selling his first computers out of his dorm room at NAU. He then received he BS in Business Management and soon started selling computers in Flagstaff under the name JDTec Computers. Jason Currently lives in Peoria, Arizona with his lovely wife Gemenie and their sons Emerson, Edison and Erickson. You can find out more about Jason at the Jason Dragon website. You can also see his blog here, The Business Blog @ Capital Active.

In 2006 Fred Coit joined Emerald Computers. He started out as head of sales and quickly added the role of CFO. Fred has helped bring our company to a new level, and changed many of the ways we operate.  At this time we folded Emerald Computers into a new corporation called Capital Active Inc because we started doing more than just computers.

If you would like to read the history of Emerald Computers then go to our History Page. For contact info please visit the Contact Us Page. You can also read what our customers say about us on our referral page.