We buy computers from Flagstaff, AZ – Recycle your computer today!

We BUY, recycle and sell used computers and laptops.

We call this effort Arizona Computer Recycling.

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With more than 15 years in the computer/e-waste recycling field, Emerald Computers Recycling has given Flagstaff, AZ companies a responsible option to dispose end of life cycle and surplus computer equipment. All Flagstaff, AZ companies face the task of safely disposing of older equipment and their e waste. The EPA estimates that as many as 500 million computers will soon become obsolete.

As Flagstaff, AZ businesses upgrade existing PCs, more computers and other e waste are finding their way into the waste stream. According to the EPA, over two million tons of electronics waste is discarded each year and goes to U.S. landfills.

Now you have a local partner in the computer and e-waste recycling business who understands your need to safely dispose of your computer and electronic equipment in an environmentally responsible manner.

By promoting reuse – computer recycling and electronic recycling – Emerald Computers extends the life of computer equipment and reduces e-waste. Recycle your computers, recycle your electronics. Reusing an item is the most Green thing that you can do. You can drop it off or ship it to us and we will take care of it for you. We also will pick up your old computer hardware, CALL US TODAY at 602-579-4919.

For newer, more valuable computers we will buy them when you need to sell them. We often have calls from business and people who need to cover their bills and will sell their computers and laptops to us.  Call us today to get a quote on what we may buy it for, 602-579-4919. Because of our recycling efforts we usually have a great selection of used laptops and desktop systems ready for sale. If you need a laptop and want to save money call us.

Many so called recyclers simply keep the good stuff and then send the hard to recycle stuff to China, where it hurts the environment.  Here at Emerald Computers we recycle everything, if we can’t use it then it gets taken apart and melted down here in the US. If you are a Flagstaff, AZ business that needs to get rid of your old IT equipment we will take it off your hands, and in most cases pay you to do it.  Most companies out there do not pay at all.  In addition we can destroy your data before we take it and certify destruction. Please call us today at 602-579-4919.  For large amounts of products, or for after hours requests please fill out the for HERE on our Arizona Computer Recycling page