Thank you for becoming a reseller for Emerald Computers.  This is the main page for resellers. This page is hidden and so is the video.  Please watch this video for the basic information on our reseller program.  I am Jason Dragon, the one in the video, if you have any questions please call me on my cell at 602-579-4919, or email me directly at



To get started just download our flyers, add your logo and information and then put it on your site, print them out, email them out and share them with your friends.  More info about our systems an additional systems is located on our new systems page.  You pay us only 85% of all these prices.  If someone buys an extended warranty or service plan you can have us do that or you can choose to keep 100% of that for yourself and you would service or support them.

Shipping is done for the actual shipping cost.  We charge just $12 for packaging.   We can even use your account with FedEx or UPS to ship products to your client, allowing you to be billed directly by them.

When you are ready to place an order simply send us an email with the details or call Jason directly.  You can pay us with PayPal, by check or by Wells Fargo transfer.  We can use the customers credit card over the phone if the shipment is going to their address, we can charge them the full amount and then send you your portion if you like, or we can just charge them our part.  To take credit cards in this way we charge an extra 2%.

If you mail us a check you can include an address label or invoice from your company which we can put on the outside of the box along with any other items you would like for us to put inside the box.  If you pay electronically you can still email us an invoice and address label, we will print it and attach it to the box.

We have many successful resellers and we welcome you to the group.  I hope the best of success for you.

Jason Dragon
Owner of Emerald Computers