We are the ONLY computer junkyard open to the public in Arizona.  Come to our warehouse, look at our massive computer junkyard, see what we have and make offers, we are putting everything on clearance to get it to move!  Call 623-240-2424 to set an appointment or just visit us during our normal business hours.  We have been collecting computer hardware for over 20 years, and have spent countless hours sorting it and making it ready for you to find the item that you need.  We have way more than we can list and probably more than you can imagine.  Stop by to see it all.  If you are a retro computer collector this will be heaven for you.  If you want to recycle your old computers we are happy to take in your donations to add to the pile.

The Computer Junkyard at Emerald Computers

  • 1000’s of Computer systems!  All systems can be customized with hard drive and RAM amount just for you.

    • Dell Optiplex
    • HP Systems
    • Older gaming systems
    • Laptops
    • Lenovo Systems
    • Servers
    • Acer / Gateway systems
    • Mac / Apple systems
    • Collectable antique systems
    • E8400 CPU in silver case with Intel Motherboard
    • E7400 CPU in silver case with Intel Motherboard
    • And we have 1000’s of other mixed systems.


  • Huge Inventory of Printers, Over 250 printers, many different brands and types, most work.
  • Laptop Chargers of every type
  • Laptop Batteries
  • Computer Monitors, all tested and working
  • USB Keyboards and over 500 PS2 Keyboards
  • Laptops needing repair that can be use to pull spare part or to buy to fix and sell
  • Networking hardware
  • Large boxes of mice
  • boxes of different parts for laptops, sorted by type and brand
  • Speakers
  • Huge pile of used hard drives
  • Piles of used RAM, sorted by type and capacity
  • Office Chairs
  • 100’s of video cables of many different types
  • Over 1000 computer power cords
  • 1000’s of other cables of every sort, all sorted by type
  • Huge amounts of other items not listed.

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