Used and Refurbished Computers

We keep a full list of our used and refurbished computers, Updated daily!   

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We have many new and used laptops and desktop. If you don’t find something that suits your needs then feel free to contact us, we have 1000’s more computers that we have yet to refurbish in our warehouse and we may have what you are looking for. To get a hold of our sales staff call 623-240-2424. If you don’t understand computers, that is ok, our professional experts will help guide you to find the best used computer or laptop to fit your needs.

How we refurbish your next used computer.

We professionally refurbish every computer that we sell. Every laptop, desktop or all in one, goes through and extensive checklist, and if anything is less than perfect it will get fixed or we don’t sell that computer in our stores. In almost every case we remove the hard drive and install a brand new SSD, this is the key to making computers much faster as the storage drive is usually the bottleneck that is holding the performance of the computer back. We also do a full cleaning of the computer, and we replace fans, batteries and any other part that needs it. Also in many cases we upgrade the RAM. By doing this we are selling you a computer that is many times faster and better than when it was new and for a fraction of the cost.


You can trust our process but in the very rare occurrence that something goes wrong, don’t worry you are covered. We stand by all the computers that we sell. This covers hardware related failures that were not caused by user error. It does not cover battery life on laptops. If the hardware related issue cannot be fixed, we will replace the laptop or desktop with something of equal value .

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