New Laptops

New Laptop Liquidation sale!

Emerald Computer is proud to announce our partnership with TYVR Tech to be their exclusive reseller in the United States. We have a limited supply and are liquidating it at insane discounts. If you want something other than a TYVR Tech laptop, please call us for current pricing and availability.

Liquidation savings.

Laptops cost a lot of money and to get good quality high end laptops you need to spend at least a thousand dollars, but we have make a special liquidation purchase, and we are passing our discount on to you, giving you over 40% off the manufacture price.

Massive Discount

If you look online for new computers with the specs that these computers have you will quickly see that anything near the Tier 1 cost over $800 and anything with the specs of the Tier 3 laptop can’t be found new for under $1000. By ordering these laptops you get a killer deal, something that is not found everyday, and especially not found right now with the global shortage of laptops due to huge demand.

The TYVR laptops come in two models, the TyGazer, a thin touchscreen laptop, and the Tenacious, a small but rugged laptop. Both have 13.3 inch screens and have a backlit keyboard.

If you have any questions during the order process call us at 623-240-2424 or chat with the live chat feature.

Both models come in three Tier levels.

  • Tier1, Intel I5-8250U Quad Core, 8 Thread CPU, 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD
  • Tier 2, Intel I5-8250U Quad Core, 8 Thread CPU, 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD
  • Tier 3, Intel I7-8550U Quad Core, 8 Thread CPU, 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD

They come in three colors:

  • Gunmetal Grey
  • Rose Gold
  • Silver

To order simply select the model you want, then the Tier level and finally the color. We currently have inventory in Arizona, Texas and Illinois. Orders shipped from Arizona should go out within one business day others go out within a week.

Ordering is Easy

To order you can simply do it below, by clicking on the model, tier and color you want and then checking out online. You also have the option of calling our store during business hours to place an order. We have created a hotline number for this, 602-579-4919. The third option would be to directly come into our store, 7642 W Vogel Ave in Peoria Arizona.

Shipping is FREE anywhere in the US!

You can pick up the laptops at our store for free.

To make it super easy and secure for our clients we have decided to partner with Amazon to sell the Tygazer Laptop.

  • Tier 1, $465 Gunmetal Gray | Rose Gold | Silver (Call to order)
  • Tier 2, $565 Gunmetal Gray | Rose Gold | Silver (Limited Stock)
  • Tier 3, $625 Gunmetal Gray | Rose Gold |Silver (Call to order)