We have a strong belief that people have immense value.  We want to offer people a Fair Trade when they buy or sell their Computers.

We are striving to move technology into something that is much more sustainable than it currently is.  100’s of millions of computers are made each year, and billions more tablets and phones are created, but most of these are replacing an older device.  This older device in most cases still has great value to other people in the world.  In much of the world people don’t have the money to buy the latest and the greatest, but here in America we throw away a million devices a week.  It is a pure and total waste.

Many people and companies simply store that old computer or device, they know it has some value, and they know it would be wrong to put it in the land fill but they don’t know what to do with it…how do they get it to someone who really could use it.

That is where we come in, we believe in reusing those computers and giving them a new home. Because most of these still have value we will actually buy these old computers and then we recycle them back into people’s homes who need them, and into the businesses that need help getting off the ground.  We always offer a Fair Trade for the computers that we take in, though many people choose to give us the computers to help the cause.

So if you would like to do the right thing with your computer then trade them in at Emerald Computers, where we focus on fair trade computers.  We will offer you store credit, or cash if you need it, and in every case you will have the satisfaction of helping someone out.  Contact us today or simple come on by our offices to get your own fair trade for your computer.

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