Thank you for buying a mining rig from Emerald Computers.  We hope it gives you a lot of fun and profits.  Here are some basic instructions to help you on your way with in mining. 


We try to ship these computers as safe as we can, to do this we put foam and bubbles into the actual computer to that it is not damaged.  Before turning on your new computer please open the side panel and remove all of this foam.  During shipping some cables may have come loose so make sure they are all tight.  Also make sure the video cards are firmly plugged into the motherboard.  We try to ship many of the boxes that came with your hardware.  You will find most of the documentation in the motherboard box.  You also should keep the video card boxes and packing material in case you need warranty work done on your video card.

Connecting your miner

Now you are ready to turn on your mining rig.  These rigs have already been set up to mine on your account.  Simply plug in the power and Ethernet connections.  To look at the mining software or use the computer plug in a monitor, keyboard and mouse.  When a video card is installed in a computer the video card on the motherboard is turned off.  Do not plug your monitor into the plugs on the motherboard.  You can use HDMI, DP or DVI to do this.  If your monitor does not have any of these connections you can either use and adapter or hook up the computer to any HDMI TV.

Remote Control and Pool

You can also access the computer via remote desktop.  The name of the computer will show in the mining pool.  Simply try to remote into that name.  The username of your new computer is miner, while the password is ok.

We use as our pool to process work load and to store your ETH while you are earning it.  This site gives good reports and works very well.   To view your stats simply go to their site and put your ETH address in the bar at the top.  From here you can also make some changes, and give it an email address to alert you if your miner stops working.  By default, it will send your ETH to your wallet when you get more than 1 ETH in your account.  Until then it will build up.

If you use an exchange you will need to send a total of 1 ETH before they will credit your account.  Because of this it does not help you to send money faster than that.  If you have a non-exchange wallet like then you can transfer a much smaller amount and receive it right away.  Because of the transfer fees that the exchange pays, they charge a small fee to send less than 1ETH, but if you are impatient you can do this.  To do anything on the site you will need your external IP.  To get this go to


Overclocking, getting more speed

When we ship our miners we put on the MSI Afterburner software.  This software allows you to run your video card faster than the factory specs.  This makes it mine faster.  We put a mild overclock on our systems, about 5-7% usually.  If you overclock too far you will not hurt your card unless it gets really hot.  In the software it will show you how hot it is, and let you control the fan speed.  There is also a setting to throttle down the speed when it gets above a certain temperature.  If you overclock too far you really can’t hurt your card, but you could cause errors which will result in bad mining results or even the computer freezing and stopping mining all together, if this happens then simply reboot the computer, and try a less aggressive overclock.  If the little startup button is red then your settings will be saved even if you reboot.  For AMD cards we have found that a 15% overclock is usually still stable, while on nVidia you can almost always max out the memory overclock.  Doing this results in about a 30% increase in MH.  It is best to play around with your hardware and find the sweet spot that you would like.

When you are ready to cash out sign up for a coinbase account and get $10 for free.

If you enjoy your mining rig and would like to order more, please call us at 602-579-4919.  Thanks and have a good day.