Buy an Ethereum rig from Emerald Computers

Creating a mining rig is a task that most people are not good at. We have made it simple for you. We offer TURN KEY solutions, you simply unpack it and plug it in, and it mines into your account.

Would you like to just pay for a mining rig, and have it made for you, delivered working, tested and ready to go with results.  If so we are your solution. Buy an Ethereum rig today from Emerald Computers.  Emerald Computers is one of the largest computer stores in the state of Arizona, and we have been in business for over 19 years.

Of course you could probably learn to build a rig on your own, but building a mining rig is more art then tech.  And even if you can do it maybe you don’t have the time skill or desire to do it.  That is where we come in, providing high quality turn key rigs, ready to go.  We have done the research, we know what parts to use and what to avoid, we know the numbers and know what parts will be needed to work with what.  We also know the tweaks, how to set up the computer so it mines more and is more stable.  It took us 100’s of hours to learn all of this and we use this experience to make your new mining rig as good as it can be.

If you have not yet read our Introduction to Ethereum please do so.

Please read this page in full, it will likely answer most of your questions, when you are done reading please call us if you are ready to order.

About our miners…

We are proud to say that we have built over 500 mining rigs, we have built quite a few 1GH+ farms for people.  We know that for most people getting the most profit, as fast as possible is the main goal.

When we first started building these we did a lot of research, buying different parts to get the best combo of parts, we figured out what worked and what did not work.  We believe in retaining resale value of the cards and not voiding the warranty so we do not bios mod our cards.  Because of this we use the nVidia video cards, they perform much better per than AMD cards with just an overclock.   We first build your computer to our high standards, then Windows is installed, along with the mining software.  We then put in your Ethereum address and test the system.  We do a lot of tweaks to the OS to make it faster and better for mining, then we OC the video card to a safe and stable level.  We then test the system to ensure stability.



  1. At this time we no longer sell GPUs without being in a rig or a gaming machine.
  2. We only have access to a limited more rackmount cases, and our vendor has raised prices on us, all future orders will either be bamboo rigs or will require an extra $100 above the listed cost.
  3. We are no longer taking orders for less than 4 rigs unless you plan to pick them up at our location.  Small orders are hard to manage, and usually require more hand holding and explanations. 
  4. We are over 100 cards short on 1060 cards and about 30 short on 1070 cards.  If you place an order that has these cards we do NOT know when they will come in, and we may have to charge even more than listed price.  We can no longer give estimates of delivery time for new orders.  We are working on sourcing both of these cards and are close on both.
  5. You will also have the option of waiting for the next Generation.   We have no idea when these will come in, what they will cost, what they will be named and how much MH they will produce at this time.  We will know that when they come out and maybe a few days before.
  6. If you order a system now and the new generation comes out we will substitute the newer cards for your cards, but we will deliver the same MH, the number of cards or the level of the cards will likely differ.
  7. If you want to be in line you must pay in full, and there will be no refunds.  When you pay we buy all of the other parts right away, and we use the rest of the money to secure orders for cards, we can not offer a refund.  The last time ETH went way down we had a lot of calls for refunds, this will not work like that, once you place an order we can not refund the order without at least a 25% fee.
  8. If you supply us with video cards your computers will built much faster, we will charge a vastly reduced price to this.

Feb 12th Update

  1. Made a huge update about 1GH rigs, decided to make a whole page about it, CLICK HERE to see it.
  2. Supply of 1060 and 1050 cards seems to be looking up, we are now taking orders for 1050 machines.  
  3. Prices are too complex and changing daily so I just removed the pricing from this page.  Please call me for a quote, please read the other content first as it may answer 90% of your questions.  I have been very busy and miss many of my phone calls, I try to return them, but the best thing to do is to text me at 602-579-4919 and I will get back to you.




Which type of Machine is best for you?

Our Double Miners

Double Mining rig, in black.

We sell machines for two main purposes.  Mining only, or Usage plus mining.   Because of our history as a computer company we really like the idea of a mining machine to be more than just mining.  The Double Miners make great computers also.  Our double miners are, by far, our most popular option, because you can do more than just mine on them.  You can use them for office work or even gaming.  If you are buying computers anyway for your business or family why not buy a computer that is also a miner.  We have sold these to law firms, real estate brokerages, call centers, and to many gamers who want to mine also.    This is also our easiest system to ship, and also depreciates the slowest, giving you better resell values.

To make any of these computers into an even better user computer we suggest upgrading the RAM to 8GB, which costs only $30.  Also you can get a 250GB HD for just $10 more, 500GB for just $25 more, or 1TB for just $45 more.  For more speed on your computer we highly suggest getting a SSD Drive, 240GB would add just $140 to any system.  You can use your computer for anything you like while mining, but to get a good gaming experience in some games we suggest that you turn off mining while you game.

Our 6 Card Rigs

Rackmount case with the lid open.

These are our dedicated mining rigs.  More bang for the buck, and the quickest way to get a large mining farm.  These come with three different card levels.  The 1050ti is the most performance for the money, but it will take the most systems to get your farm huge, this is the best for people with lots of space.  The 1060 is our best selling card, you can significantly overclock it and get much more power than our charts suggest.  The 1070 is for people who need density, or want the most performance with the least systems.   The 1070 makes a huge amount of heat and will usually need a lot of fresh air to keep cool.

An example of a bamboo rig.

Our 6 card rigs come in two designs, Rack Mount and Bamboo.  The bamboo is a clean open design in a stylish bamboo rack.  It is great for airflow and is stackable.  The rackmount case is only 7 inches tall, and has additional cooling fans, which take a bit more power than the bamboo rig.  It is designed to be used in a closet or a place where an open rig would not look good or be secure.  To reduce heat you can run this case with the lid open.  The bamboo rig costs less to make so it is lower priced.  But the bamboo rig is to delicate to ship via FedEx so it must go freight.  In most cases freight is about $300, but for that price you can ship 6 systems.  If you are only ordering 1-2 systems and you need shipping then the rackmount case is a less costly option.

Our guarantee.

We will test each computer, actively mining before we ship it, during this test we will use your account data if you provide it so that you will be able to watch the test.  We are confident in the computer that you are buying, in the rare case of your computer does not perform as expected, as shown on public pool data we will log in remotely and try to tweak it so that it does perform.  All of our computers come with a 1 year warranty against hardware defects, but once mining we can only warranty the cards for 30 days, after that you will need to return them to the manufacture.  If you have a hardware problem we will fix it or replace it during this time, you will need to pay to ship it.


Shipping is not included in our pricing.  We are proudly located in Arizona in the US, computers will be shipped from our location.  You will be charged the rate that we pay to FedEx or our freight company, usually we round to the nearest $5.  We will contact you once your computers are ready with a tracking number.  If you have your own shipping company or would like to pick up your computers in person we will be happy to call you when they are done and arrange this with you.  If you order 5 or more systems then freight shipping is often lower priced.  We will get a quote for shipping if this is the case.  For double mining rigs here are some sample shipping rates.   CA is $40, Northern CA is $45, TX is $60, FL is $75, NY is $80, most of North East US is $80, while South East US is $75.   To get exact pricing go to FedEx and use our zip code of 85345, weight 31 LBS, Dimensions 24x24x18 and your zip code.

Most orders that are over 8 cards in total will ship via freight.  It is much cheaper, and it is much better for the rigs, they are always on a pallet and are taken care of much better.  For freight it is usually about $400 to the east coast or midwest, and $300 to the southern states or NW.  Usually about $250 for states that touch Arizona.  For close states we may select a courier service instead.  These prices are good for up to 8 systems, beyond that it is 10% more for each extra system.

If you are not in the US you will be responsible for any duties that your nation may impose.


Due to high demand our current turn-around time from order until shipping is about 25-35 days at this time.  We work hard to reduce this.  Furthermore we foresee a shortage in the 1060 card that we use.  All of our current 1060 cards are taken, as well as the next shipment that is on the way.  I do think that the next generation of cards will be coming out soon, and when that happens we will upgrade your order to enough of those new cards to exceed your expected MH amount.  If that is less cards, then we will give you the option to add even more cards to your rig at our cost.    Just like when the 580 went into shortage, we will still take orders, and orders will be fulfilled in the order that people paid until all orders are filled.  If a card is in shortage for more than 14 days, we will offer you a substitution to get to the same goal or MH.


There is no limit to the number of computers that you can order.  All orderes will be built and processed in the order that payment clears.  Be aware that our staff can currently produce about 5 units per day, so if you order a large number of systems you could be in the que for a few days.  After we build the systems we do a live test where we mine with your address to , if there are any mishaps we do the test a second time.    If we receive a flood orders we will ramp up production to meet demand but there could be a small delay during that time.

If you are ready to order, or if you have a few last questions please call or text Jason at 602-579-4919.

At this time we are taking BTC, or ETH as payment, or you can mail us a check but the most popular form of payment is direct deposit into our Wells Fargo.

  • Our ETH Receiving Address is 0xF5aA87c564931a69CdCb4A8739728C7EBEF4e07d  ***
  • Our Bitcoin Receive Address is 1BZ8At6W5swxL2SgcGupVoEXBoocZgcVrR ***
  • Our mailing address is 7642 W Vogel Ave #3 Peoria, Az, 85345
  • Emerald Computers Wells Fargo Account is 5839688644.  For a wire Transfer use routing number 121000248
  • For users of the Zelle App please use phone number 6025794919

*** Because of costs related to converting crypto to cash so that we can order your parts, we only credit you 95% of the value of any crypto payment.

If you are ready to order, or if you have a few last questions please call or text Jason at 602-579-4919.