ETHEREUM-LOGO_PORTRAIT_Black_smallEthereum, the currency of the future, and the ultimate investment.


The Dream House


3d House (XXL)What if someone was selling a house for $10,000, and it had a tenant in it who paid $1200 per month but you had to pay for utilities.  Would you jump on that investment?  Would you raid your savings account, and charge your credit cards to find a way to buy it as fast as you could?  If you are like me you would in a heart beat!  In this scenario you would get all of your money back in just a little over 8 months.   Figure in the utilities and in under 10 or 11 months you would have all your money back, a performing asset that gives you an income stream and still has kept most, or all of its value.  You would be crazy to pass up a deal like this.  And buying an Ethereum rig is an even BETTER investment than this house.

With Ethereum you simply buy a special computer that is designed to mine for Ethereum.  For $950 you can get a card that (As of 6-16-2016) earns you $188 per month income.  You need to pay for the electricity to run it but that would only average $25 per month.  These computers can also be used while they mine, meaning you can replace every computer in your home or business with a miner.   So if you invested that $10,000 in buying Ethereum computers you would be earning over $1750 per month, at an electrical cost of undr $250.  This is even better than the dream house….and this exists, the dream house is just a dream.  It would actually take over $120,000 in today’s (Arizona) market to buy a house that paid you $1200 per month.

Emerald Computers

Emerald Computers is currently the only company in the United States selling Ethereum mining rigs online.  We feel that we are offering a high, well researched product, that will give you the best mining results for the lowest investment.

If you want to see a video CLICK HERE to see my video introducing Ethereum.

To find out more on how Ethereum works please read our Introduction to Ethereum

If you are ready to buy then go to the buy a mining rig from Emerald Computers page.

If you want to mine on your own read our mining guide, and visit our tools page.

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NOTICE: The price of Ethereum, and the amount you will produce will go up and down over time, all predictions are based on data of the current return on 6-15-2016.  Over the last few months the return has been going up, but could change at any time.  There is no guarantee of a specific return.  Emerald Computers is not an investment advisor and does not offer investment, legal or tax advice.  If you feel you need such advice please consult someone who offers it.  To have no risk of loss you must insure your computers against theft, we suggest adding them to your insurance policy.