Selling computers is the core of our business. Whether its a refurbished system or a custom built system, we can handle all your computer needs. If you are looking for a custom built system, our staff will help you in selecting a system that will suit your needs. Having your own system built for you is sometimes the easiest way to buy a computer.

Here at Emerald Computers we work hard to make all of our systems “Balanced” so you get the most bang for you buck. Some of the big companies will try to wow you buy pumping up one spec, like RAM or CPU speed, and then ignoring the rest of the computer, resulting in a unbalanced computer that will fail down the road.


Here’s what to expect when we build a custom system for you:

  • Planning – Our experienced staff will evaluate your computer needs (gaming, media, business, networking, etc.) and implement them in the design of your computer
  • Hardware – We use high quality components because of there durability and longevity. Our standard custom built designs have the following hardware:
    • Dual monitor capability. Many people are moving to a dual monitor experience and we want you to be ready.
    • High Quality MSI motherboards.This is the default in all of our systems.  These motherboards have Military Class components and are much more reliable than those used by most PC makers. We realize that the motherboard is the most overlooked part of the computer and needs to be high in quality and features.
    •  HD Audio with a 7.1 channel interface.
    • AMD CPU’s. This gives you the biggest bang for the buck, if you would like an Intel CPU only the motherboard and CPU need to be changed and usually for about $50 more you can have a computer of the same speed with an Intel chip.
    • Gamer quality RAM, with heat shields. This small investment in RAM quality gives you more years of stable and trusted performance.
    • We use higher end power supply’s to match your hardware. This ensures less problems down the road.
  • We pass on the savings to you – We value our customers happiness more than their wallets that is why our prices are less than our competitors. We also accept trade ins that can be used towards the purchase on any computer.
For those that are interested the current motherboards we are using are the MSI760GM-P33 in our Enterprise line, the MSI 760GM-E51 or the MSI 880GM-E41 with the 880G Chipset, depending on if the client needs DVI is used in our Executive line, and the MSI 970A-G45 which is ready for AM3+ for our Enthusiast line.