Today we have updated our default new computer builds. It has taken days of research to come up with the best, most balanced design. We also have decided that ALL of our new systems will come with Solid State Drives by default, this means much faster speeds and better reliability.

Here is the summary of the main other changes from our mid 2015 (4500) systems to our Early 2016 models (4600)
The Republic system, our deep budget line, has been discontinued, we now have plentiful stock of used computers that are faster AND cheaper than this system was, and we felt that people who wanted deep budget computers would rather buy used.

The Enterprise system, for our Early 2016 update we upgraded the system to SSD, and put a much faster CPU/GPU and better motherboard in it, while keeping the price only $10 more.

The Executive system, upgraded the CPU, GPU and Motherboard, lowered the price by $10.

The Enthusiast, decided to go with Intel by Default, kept the AMD option as a downgrade. Upgraded the Motherboard and PSU. Decided to start with a much higher end video card by default, we actually DOUBLED the budget for the video card. All of these came at a cost of $200 more than last years AMD based model. If you chose the AMD option you will save $140, and be getting an AMD chip that is a few steps better than last years model, while keeping the upgraded video card. We have done this to make it more in line with the custom orders we have been receiving.

We also reduced the prices of all of the upgrades. RAM and Hard drive prices continue to fall, and we have passed that savings on to you. Please click the link to get all specs and upgrade options.

We also feel that 4k is the future, so all of our systems now can do 4k resolution by default, we even have some 4k displays in stock.

So if you, or your company are ready to get a high quality, new computer from Emerald Computers contact us today and place your order.


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