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How to reset toner on brother printers.

One of my biggest pet peeves is that printer companies want to tell you when your ink runs out and they work very hard to make it hard to beat the system.   They want you to go out any buy more ink when you still have plenty of ink left.  HP is one of the worst at this, and that is why most people in my industry tell people to avoid HP printers.

Today I worked on a brother 3040cn.  It is a really nice and low cost color laser printer.  The starter cartrages started to go out after about 400 pages.  So I told the printer to reset the count.  This is how you do it.
All you need to do is:
1) Turn the printer off and then on again.
2) Open cover.
3) Press Cancel and Secure Print buttons at the same time.
4) Press the + button and scroll through the colors that need to be reset. (reset both STR and STD when prompted. I just reset them all.
5) Press OK (twice, once for STR and STD)
6) You’re done. You don’t even need to take the cartridges out and the printer thinks you just installed four new toner cartridge.

Did this and now it works perfect. Last time I did something like this they got about 500 more pages of perfect printing before having to replace the ink. Also when you buy ink please spend a little time looking, there are some really good and cheap sources for ink. Buy from a place with a return policy because some ink does not work.