How to get unlimited printable coupons.


In life there seems to always be a hack for everything.  Today I stumbled upon a hack that I think many people will find quite useful.  How to print unlimited printable coupons.

Have you ever been to one of those coupon sites and wanted to print more than one coupon.  Well for some reason they have decided that they only want you to print one or two of any deal per computer.  They do this so that people don’t go and print 100 copies of a really good coupon, but why would they want to stop people from saving?  So they put software on your computer to detect where it is going to print to and what settings are on that printer.  They make sure it is a real printer, and that you can’t print multiple copies.  Today I discovered a flaw in their method.  Their system does not know how to handle it when the printer is off, it just puts it into the que.  Once in the que it is paused, waiting for your printer to be turned on.  Once it is paused you can actually do some minor changes to it.  We simply want more copies of the printout, but there is no direct way to increase the number of copies that it prints, but there is an easy way to have it NOT delete from the que once it is done.

All you need to do is go to the printer properties menu, then click advanced and then check the box for “Keep printed documents”.  Hit apply.  Turn on your printer and it will instantly print the data in your que.  Once it is done the status will turn to “printed”, but the data will be there for you to still use.  Simply right click on it and select “restart” and boom, it will print another copy of all the coupons you wanted.  Keep doing this until you have printed the amount you need.  To remove it just right click on the job and hit cancel, it will delete the data.   If the “Keep printed documents” box is checked their software will NOT let you print, and it will just hang.  You can keep the window that lets you check and uncheck this box open and just hit apply to make the change.  You have every right to play with the settings on your own computer.

I found this to work with a Brother laser printer on a Windows 7 computer, fully updated, running Chrome.  I have not tested it in any other area but I would guess it would work with any browser and and windows OS, though different printer drivers may not have the “Keep printed documents” feature.  Other people online have found ways to actually take that date in the que, and save it to a PDF file so that they can email it to others.  I have not tried or plan to try this.  Still others say that they have been able to edit this PDF and change dates and amounts on the coupons, to me that is direct fraud, and is cheating and I would never do that or suggest that, I only mention it here to warn you away from doing it.

I hope you found this information useful, and if you want a good deal on computer hardware consider Emerald Computers for your computer needs.

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