Easy Credit pre-approval

So you are looking for a great deal on a computer….

A deal that is no money down, and no interest for 6 months,

A deal that is easy to qualify for?

If so, then you are in the right place!  

This is what you have been looking for!

Jason HeadshotHello, I am Jason Dragon, owner of Emerald Computers.  Let me take a second to introduce my company to you.

Emerald Computers is a locally owned and operated computer company, based right here in Arizona.  We have been here for over 15 years, selling 1000’s of computers to people just like you, people who need a high quality system at a great price.  Our systems start at just $100 for a basic computer, with  higher end complete computers in the 200-300 range and up.  We usually stock over 100 systems ready to go, desktops, laptops and everything to go with them from monitors, to mice and routers to cables.

So how do we do it?  How do we provide you with computers at half price or less? We do it because most of our computers are slightly used.  Maybe they were used in a government office who upgraded, maybe a company went out of business and needed to liquidate almost new equipment. 


When this happens we are there, and we buy everything, in bulk at deep discounts.  Then we erase everything, thoroughly clean and restore the computer back to factory or better condition.  Most computers are given upgrades, such as larger hard drives or more RAM.  Then we do a full system test to make sure they are perfect.  We then sell them to you at deep discounts.  We are so confident in these computers that we stand by them with a great warranty.  If anything happens we will replace it with a better computer for free.

We don’t just refurbish computers, we also build new ones, and we can custom build the computer of your dreams.

We are one of the largest computer stores in the state, we are located in an industrial area in Peoria.  We may be a bit hard to find but that saves us money, which will save you money.

quick-easy-credit-approvalNow what about the credit?  We have teamed up with the largest provider of store credit cards in the world.  They are able to approve people with subprime credit for more than enough to get a computer.  If you have good credit you will get approved for a larger amount, enough to get the computer of your dreams.

7642 MapSo the requirements are simple.  First this program requires that you come into our store to buy the computer, we cannot deliver or ship it to you, sorry.  It requires that you have two forms of ID, the first must me a government issued ID like a license, passport or state ID.  The second is that you have a credit or debit card.  We don’t even need the card number, just the bank it is from and when it expires. You will need to bring these in and sign the application to open your account.  You can get pre-approved by filling out the form below, or you can simply come to our store and do it in person, the choice is yours.

So how does it work?  At the bottom of this page you will see a pre-approval application.  You fill it out, yes I know it is a lot of questions but that is what the bank needs.  After you fill it out we will be notified and we will work with the bank to get you pre-approved.  We then will call you and tell you the result.  You will also be mailed the result from the bank.  If you are approved you can come in that day and buy up to your limit….. NO MONEY DOWN….and NO interest for 6 months (If you spend at least $200).  You will need to pay them $25* per month for those 6 months, and the balance must be paid in full within 180 days.  If it is not paid in full within 180 days then they will charge you interest back to day one, but if you do this you can just keep paying $25 per month until it is paid off.  (*For purchases over $800 the minimum payment may be a bit more than $25.)

So now it is time to get pre-approved. We process filled out forms each morning, if you fill out this form during business hours you can call us to have it processed immediately.  You have nothing to lose and a great deal to gain.

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