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Get a computer TODAY with 6 months of no interest!

Laptop CreditEmerald Computers is your source for high quality computers at great discounts.  We sell new and used Laptops, Desktops and peripherals.  Not only will you get a great low price but you can buy it with nothing down today.  We have 100’s of laptops and desktops in stock to choose from!

Simply apply on this page to get pre-approved for the Emerald Computers Credit Card.

It is easy to get approved, you simply need a score in the mid 600’s or higher and decent income to get approved.  By filling out this form we will check to see if you are approved for our card, if you are then you must sign the application and show ID in person at our store for the first transaction.


To apply simply fill out the web form below.  Our site is 100% secure, by Comodo SSL.comodo_secure_seal_113x59_transp
Your first purchase MUST be made in person at our store and you must show the ID you provide here.

Fields marked with a * are required.


*6 Months no interest must be paid in full by the end of the 180 day term or else interest will be charged from the day of purchase.