Terms and Conditions of Affiliate Program

Thank you for being an Affiliate for Emerald Computers.

We sell high quality computer systems, at some of the best prices around.  Because we are selling an item with a high cost the 5% commission that we offer is actually higher than the amount of money that you can earn on one sale of something else.  On top of that most businesses order multiple systems when they place orders, it is not uncommon for one sale to be 20 or even 50 computers at once, this adds to your commission.

About Us

We are family owned computer maker in Peoria, Arizona.  We have been in business for 18 years now.  We currently have a 8,000 Sq Foot production facility with over 1,000 computers in stock.  We are currently one of the leading builders of computers designed to be used to mine the Ethereum crypto coin.  We are the only one we know of selling these specialized computers with an Affiliate program.


To lean more about Ethereum click HERE, to learn more about our Ethereum products click HERE.  If your client buys an Ethereum machine they will be paying with BitCoin, and Ethereum later on once Coinbase lets us make Ethereum based transactions. You will then be paid your commission each month in BitCoin.  You can easily move that into Ethereum.


We will track your commission in US dollars but pay out in BTC when it is time to pay out, you will be paid in the exchange rate on the day that we pay out.  We will not pay out accounts with less than $20 USD in them until they reach $20.  If you close your account we will pay out whatever balance you are owed on the next pay cycle.  If you close your account you will lose forever any future sales, and any sales by any of your 2nd Tier affiliates.

If you are in the United States you must have a W9 IRS form on file with us to be paid over $600 in a year.  We will ask for this form when your total gets close to $600.  We can not pay you over this amount per year without this form.  Simply send a scanned copy of your form to dragon@emeraldcomputers.com.  If you are not in the United States we do not need this form or any form at this time.

Content Usage

You may use our logo in tasteful ways to market our products.  You may not promise something that we can not deliver on, or is unethical.  We own our logo and if we ask you to stop using it you must comply.  If you make any derivative image or product from our logo or other content we will also have the rights to use your derivative work, and to license it as we see fit.  You may deep link to anywhere you like on our site in an effort to gain clients.

2nd Tier.

We offer a 2nd Tier bonus.  If you refer someone else who signs up to be an Affiliate you will receive part of their sales for life, currently at 2%.  We plan to increase this amount but it will never go below 2%.  There is no limit to the number of 2nd Tier Affiliates you may have.

We will be making changes to this document often, you will be bound by the terms and conditions of this page once it is changed. No notice will be given of these changes other than the public posting of this page on the internet.

For questions please email dragon@emeraldcomputers.com.